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Broken jaws on the job

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

No one wants to get hurt on the job, but accidents can catch even the most careful worker by surprise. Equally surprising might be the severity of the injury. A mishap could lead to a broken jaw, a problem that may require extensive medical treatments and a lengthy recovery period. And no, a person doesn’t necessarily have to work a dangerous job to face jaw injury risks.

The reasons for broken jaws

The causes of a broken jaw can vary, but there’s a common thread among many. Force or trauma causes the break or dislocation. For example, a distracted construction site worker could accidentally hit a colleague with a shovel. Something falling off a shelf might hit a warehouse worker. A slip-and-fall accident may result in a jaw injury based on the impact.

Many professions involve driving, and car accidents might lead to broken jaws. Workplace-related car accidents come in other forms. Workers walking at the job site may get hit by a car in an office’s parking lot.

Yes, workplace violence could result in jaw injuries. A punch to the jaw might cause enormous damage. An out-of-control worker could inflict such harm in an unprovoked, violent confrontation.

Accidents and injuries

Workers may experience on-the-job accidents that leave them with severe injuries, including broken jaws. Besides the pain and anxiety associated with recovery, a worker may experience financial troubles when they cannot go to work. A workers’ compensation claim might help those worried about their financial situation.

Filing for workers’ compensation requires following steps established by law. Mistakes and delays might not help the process.

Sometimes, work-related accidents lead to personal injury lawsuits. Accidents caused by third parties typically fall outside of workers’ comp parameters, leading some to look at civil litigation. Deliberate assaults could open doors to personal injury suits as well.