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Helping Employees Seek Compensation For Workplace Injuries

In recent years, the boundaries that define what the workplace expanded to include many people’s homes. Whether your work at home, in an office, a health care facility, a high-rise, on the streets or on a construction job or demolition site, being injured on the job still means that you deserve fair compensation for your workplace injuries. When you suffer a workplace injury, be sure to avoid mistakes that can cause you to leave money on the table. Be sure to let your employer know about your injury right away and promptly seek medical treatment.

New York’s workers’ compensation laws require all employers to carry workers compensation insurance. Your employer cannot charge you for this insurance that pays for your medical bills and lost wages and other benefits if you are hurt while working. There are exceptions to this requirement including if you are classified as a subcontractor, independent contractor, part-time worker, or a leased or borrowed employee.

At Kaston & Aberle, LLP, we fight for our clients who are trying to get a fair settlement for their workplace injuries. We have secured multimillion-dollar settlements, verdicts and judgments for our clients, thanks to our knowledge of every corner of New York’s workers’ compensation laws and our assertive representation.

Clear Guidance And Comprehensive Legal Representation

After a workplace injury, your employer and their insurance company may take measures to keep from paying you the compensation you deserve, either by claiming you do not qualify for compensation because you are an independent contractor or by trying to leave you with a lowball settlement. It can be hard to recognize these actions if you are not fluent in workers’ compensation claims. If you are injured on the job at a construction site or high-rise building – even as a painter or a cleaner – the state has additional laws that protect your safety. Our attorneys will help you explore if violations of these laws were an integral factor of your injury.

Instead of hoping you are getting a good deal on your injury claim, we can advocate on your behalf. We can review the unique factors of your case to determine if you are getting a fair workers’ compensation offer and if there are grounds for a third-party claim. If your injury happened at home and you were working when it happened, we can help you receive the benefits you need to cover the costs of your injuries.

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Your employer may have a large legal team – and insurance company working to minimize the compensation you receive in your compensation claim – so why not have a skilled New York lawyer of your own fighting for you? If you are ready to meet at our offices in Mineola or Brooklyn, call us at 516-879-7280 or click this link. The sooner you schedule your free initial consultation today, the sooner our lawyers can begin fighting for you.