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Kaston & Aberle, LLP: A Team That Can Get You Real Results

We do not guarantee the outcome for any of our clients’ cases. No attorney can. If we determine that you have a viable claim, we do guarantee that we will fight our hardest to assert your rights for the optimal financial compensation you deserve. Here is a listing of some of our firm’s recent case results for our clients.

Motor Vehicle Accident:

James K. $1,150,000
George S. $650,000
Jeffrey R. $965,000
Annie N. $750,000
Pearl N. $960,000

Motorcycle Negligence:

James S. $990,000

Dog Bite Negligence:

Leslie D. $900,000

Premises Negligence (Trip-And-Fall):

William C. $600,000
Mary Ann B. $500,000
Rosemarie T. $650,000
Elizabeth K. $1,560,000
Barbara L. $525,000
Ricardo L. $500,000