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Fair Compensation For Slip Or Trip And Falls

It can be surprising how easy it is for us to suffer injuries after a serious fall. Even a fall that looks nonthreatening can have a lifetime of consequences, and it is important that the victim of the fall get the medical treatment they need right away. If possible, it is also important to get contact information from any witnesses of the accidents. Statements from witnesses and your medical records will be crucial to pursuing the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able can help you determine if you have a claim.  At Kaston & Aberle, LLP, our experienced attorneys offer our clients the aggressive and dedicated representation they need to secure the settlement that reflects the total cost of their injuries. We have led our clients to multimillion-dollar settlements, verdicts and judgments to see that they have the resources they need for their best possible recovery, and we want to help you get the same results.

Fighting Falls From Anywhere

An environment does not have to be full of danger for someone to suffer a serious fall. In fact, many of our slip-and-fall cases come from situations involving:

  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Poorly maintained parking lots
  • Loose carpets or rugs
  • Crowded walkways
  • Icy paths
  • Construction site 

Whether your injury happened at work, on a sidewalk, at the office, at the store, or at a friend’s house, we can help you. Premises liability claims such as trip or slip-and-fall accidents can happen on privately-owned commercial property, government property or a private residence. We will help you pursue the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Your Compensation Matters

To us, you are not just another case, you are someone who needs our help seeking justice after suffering a wrongful injury. We know that the outcome of your personal injury claim can have considerable consequences on your future, and we want to make the future as bright as possible.

If you are ready to meet with us for your free initial consultation at our offices in Mineola and Brooklyn, contact us by calling 516-879-7280 or email us here. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner you can get the settlement you deserve. Se Habla Español 24/7.