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Reduce your chance of getting into a car accident during summer

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Car Accidents

Drivers in New York typically already know about the potential dangers to watch out for during winter. Summer isn’t often thought of because there isn’t snow and ice on the road. This season, however, comes with its own risks to stay aware of.

More motorcycles

Over the winter, you may have become used to not seeing as many motorcycles. Motorcyclists are out to enjoy the warm weather during summer. You should get into the habit of checking for motorcycles regardless of what season it is, as you never know when one will be on the road.

More drivers on the road

Summer attracts not just more motorcyclists but also more drivers on the road. There is naturally an increase in car accidents with a higher number of vehicles on the road. Another contributing factor is teenagers, one of the riskiest age groups, are driving more in the summer too. If you live in a city that receives a lot of tourists or tourists passing through to get to another destination, then this increases the chance of accidents. Tourists aren’t familiar with the area like locals are. They may also fall victim to impatient or aggressive drivers, which causes an accident.

Construction zones

Winter temperatures aren’t ideal for construction in New York. Thus, you’ll come across more construction zones during the summer. Distracted driving could cause a serious accident in a construction zone. Those who become impatient or angry while slowed down on the road will have their emotions triggered due to the construction zones as well.

Hot weather’s impact on your car

Summer temperatures may cause damage to your tires by increasing the air pressure and overheating them. Tire blowouts are more likely to occur when the tires overheat. Hot weather could also cause problems with the fluids in your vehicle.

Awareness of the top causes behind car accidents in the summer in New York could help you avoid getting into an accident. Always stay aware of your surroundings and leave with extra time to get to your destination to account for potential slowdowns from construction, heavy traffic or other incidents.