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How can nurses stay safe while working?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Nurses face some of the most rewarding and difficult jobs in New York. Because of their demanding work, it’s easy for them to suffer injuries or illness on the job. Here is how nurses can remain safe while at work.

Take care handling sharps

Needles and other sharps can lead to nurses suffering from pricks that could result in blood-borne illness or injuries. It’s crucial to know how to properly handle, cap, store and dispose of these objects. Nurses are supposed to be trained on doing that. However, accidents can occur in other circumstances like fatigue or understaffing.

Use proper body mechanics

Nurses often have to perform heavy lifting during their shifts, which could lead to an injury if they aren’t careful. Practicing proper body mechanics such as lifting from the legs instead of the back could help prevent injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

Get vaccinated

Working in a busy hospital, clinic or even a local doctor’s office can increase the risk of viruses transmitting. Nurses can lower their risk of getting sick by staying up to date on all their vaccinations. Respiratory viruses spread more easily during the fall and winter by circulating through the air and through touch. Even if a nurse gets sick, being vaccinated can prevent serious illness.

Say no to workplace violence

Workplace violence sometimes occurs and puts nurses and others in danger. Sometimes, patients or their family members could become irate and lash out physically. In other instances, a coworker, someone known to an employee or even a criminal could become violent for various reasons. Knowing how to handle such a situation could mitigate the damage.