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New teen drivers and accident risks

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Car Accidents

A teenager could feel great enthusiasm upon receiving their driver’s license. Enthusiasm does not equal experience behind the wheel, however, and teen drivers in New York might be at significant risk of causing an accident.

Teen drivers and vehicle collisions

Numerous reasons contribute to auto collisions involving teens. Some might focus on moving violations or intoxicated driving statistics. Still, a close examination reveals teenagers’ accident risks are highest during the first three months of receiving a license. That would suggest inexperience plays a role.

So, it may be best for parents and adults to require young persons to practice often. A teen who understands defensive driving skills and develops more experience behind the wheel might be less prone to making mistakes. These drivers could potentially avoid accidents caused by negligent commuters on the road.

Negligent teen drivers

Both experienced and new drivers may engage in distractions that might cause a crash. Everything from listening to music to conversing with a passenger could result in distractions. Teen drivers might be unaware of how distractions increase accident risks.

A teen might know traffic violations could result in a citation, but they may drive too fast or recklessly. Such behaviors could leave them liable for any resulting car accidents.

Fatigued driving may affect teens. Schoolwork and part-time job might leave younger people drowsy behind the wheel. Reactions and perceptions could dull, boosting accident dangers.

When accidents occur, property damage and bodily injury could result. Not surprisingly, many victims will seek legal action for compensation. With a wrongful death lawsuit, the victim could seek substantial punitive damages.

New teen drivers may need more experience to travel safely. Practice might help, but those who engage in reckless behaviors could place themselves and others in danger.