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Car crashes and broken bones

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

A car does not need to travel at high speeds for a collision to cause severe injuries. A broken wrist might result if a driver or passenger uses their hand to brace against the dashboard when hit from behind. Collisions involving harsher impact could leave victims treated for multiple broken bones at a New York hospital. Some may be unaware of the different fractures someone might suffer.

Broken bones and car accidents

The upper body might be at severe risk of fractures on impact. The skull and facial bones could break when someone’s head hits the dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, or another part of the car. A sternum may break under similar circumstances.

Back injuries are common in car accidents, and damage to the spine might be unavoidable when some collisions happen. Spinal damage could include a broken neck, too. Possible injuries include broken legs, clavicles, or necks.

Reasons for broken bones

Broken bones could result from reasons other than passengers coming in contact with hard surfaces inside the vehicle. Someone not wearing a seatbelt may get ejected from the car and suffer a fracture upon hitting the ground or an object. A car accident that involves hitting an object, such as a tree, may result in the parts of the object shattering someone’s bones.

Broken bones may require extensive medical treatment to correct. A shattered ankle might need surgical pins to hold it in place, and a surgically implanted halo could be necessary to address a broken neck. Broken bones may lead to months of missed work and possibly a career change to a lower-paying job. A lawsuit or insurance settlement might address the costs associated with the situation.