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What happens if I am injured in a big box store?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Premises Liability

Like many New York residents, chances are you shop at one or more big box stores. As with other retail businesses, big box stores can be held liable if you sustain an injury on one of their properties. These businesses face thousands of lawsuits annually, so if you are injured on one of their properties, you may have an extensive fight ahead.

Procedures that big box stores require

Whether you have endured a slip-and-fall incident or another type of injury covered under premises liability, you’ll need to follow the big box store’s protocols after your mishap. You can expect the store’s management to gather information about how the accident occurred, including eyewitness accounts. If your injury is severe, the store may require you to go to the hospital via ambulance or be treated on-site by paramedics. Focusing on your health and safety is paramount.

Not all injuries result from negligence, so lawsuits are common when big box stores are involved. Premises liability cases can become complicated, with some stores having worse reputations than others for trying to deny plaintiff claims. When you enter into a lawsuit or try to negotiate a settlement with a larger retailer, you may be in for a lengthy court battle.

Pursuing fair compensation for your slip-and-fall injury

An environment doesn’t have to be dangerous for a slip-and-fall accident to occur. Examples of such situations include loose carpeting or rugs, wet floors with no warning signs, uneven sidewalks, poorly lit or maintained parking lots, crowded walkways and similar conditions.

Even if your injury doesn’t seem serious, you still deserve compensation if the accident occurred because of the retailer’s negligence. Sometimes the business’s insurance company will try to lowball a settlement. Pursue your case by gathering as much evidence as possible to support your claim.