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Protecting security personnel by preventing slips, trips and falls

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2023 | Premises Liability

Many hard-working adults spend their days or nights working as security guards in New York. This rewarding but sometimes stressful profession often requires keeping people and properties safe. However, a common job-related hazard for security guards doesn’t involve unruly people.

Providing a safe workplace

It’s almost impossible to maintain a mistake-free workplace. However, employers must do everything possible to provide safe workspaces. Companies employing security guards would be responsible for keeping floors free from water, wires and other hazards contributing to slip/trip and falls.

Wearing safety equipment

Safety attire and equipment can include vests, full-body attire and shoes. The right shoes can improve traction, such as the footwear fast food employees often wear. Depending on where they patrol, it’s beneficial for security personnel to have footwear that helps prevent slips, trips and falls. A business could deal with injured employees and potentially expensive lawsuits if not.

Preventing other common security-related risks

Each job carries unique risks, especially in the security field. While a company works to prevent slip and fall hazards, it’s also critical to do what’s possible to prevent other situations leading to injured workers. According to the International Security Ligue, besides slips and falls, the top risks security personnel face are:

  • Assaults from a person or multiple people
  • Contact with potentially dangerous animals
  • Automobile-related hazards (especially near parking lots or areas of heavy traffic)
  • Overexerting themselves and developing musculoskeletal injuries
  • Exposure to harmful and potentially deadly substances

If you work in the security industry and recently suffered an on-the-job injury, report this incident to your employer. It’s also crucial to seek medical treatment for your injuries, saving the documents you receive, no matter how you feel.