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Recognizing the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

Many New York residents make the decision to place their loved ones in nursing homes. It’s a logical step when they need more care than you’re able to provide. Unfortunately, nursing home residents sometimes face abuse and neglect. These are some of the signs that your loved one is a victim.

Signs of nursing home abuse and neglect

Nursing home abuse can be physical or even sexual; some of the most common signs your loved one has faced abuse in their facility are noticeable injuries like cuts, bruises, lacerations, head injuries, dental injuries, broken bones or burns. If a resident turns up positive for a sexually transmitted infection, it’s a sign they might be the victim of sexual nursing home abuse.

Nursing home neglect is another problem that can affect nursing home residents. One of the typical signs of this problem is bedsores; this happens when staff fails to move residents who have mobility issues and residents sit or lie down for extended periods. Other signs of nursing home neglect are improper medical care and not giving medications when necessary. Residents appearing dirty or in unsanitary conditions such as soiled bedding and unexplained weight loss also signify this problem.

Causes of nursing home abuse and neglect

One of the main causes of nursing home abuse and neglect is a failure to screen prospective staff; the wrong person can be hired as a result. The facility has an obligation to ensure that all employees are adequately trained and fit for their jobs.

Staffing shortages often lead to nursing home neglect. This problem is often unintentional; this leads to staff members having to care for multiple residents at once, which can be challenging. Some residents might require extra attention, which can inadvertently harm others when they are left to their own devices.

Sadly, nursing home residents are vulnerable. Learning that your loved one has suffered in their facility is devastating.