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Car collision could lead to shoulder impingement

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Car Accidents

A car accident could leave those struck by another vehicle with lingering injuries. A visit to a New York emergency room may lead to a diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff or another problem plaguing one or both of the shoulders. The injury may result in severe pain and the inability to work. So, victims may explore their legal options to recover their losses.

Shoulder issues after a car accident

An accident victim could suffer problems with their shoulder after a vehicle collision for many reasons. Even whiplash may result in shoulder pain, though this typically is considered a neck injury. Fractures and dislocations are possible, as the impact of a vehicle collision might cause such harm.

Shoulder impingement syndrome is another medical problem someone may face after getting hurt in a car accident. Shoulder impingement syndrome typically happens after suffering a torn rotator cuff. Chronic pain may accompany this condition.

Shoulder injury treatment

Shoulder injuries may require extensive medical treatment to heal. A fractured shoulder may require surgery. A shoulder sling is one non-surgical method that may work, but the shoulder would need to remain immobilized for a long time. Car accidents that cause shoulder injuries can leave a victim potentially suffering from excessive pain and may impede the person’s daily life routines. The victim might miss work for an extended time while waiting to recover. Financial losses would likely result from such a situation.

Accident victims may seek compensation for their losses through a civil claim. With motor vehicle collisions, suing in court is not the only option, as an insurance claim could be an effective way to receive compensation. An effective negotiation strategy would be necessary for those interested in a reasonable settlement from an insurance provider.