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How to reduce your chances of developing workplace hernias

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Hernias occur when portions of your organs protrude through a muscle wall, and this commonly occurs in your groin or stomach. Some people are at higher risk of developing hernias, especially those who work in active jobs where muscle strain is common. The good news is that there are some precautions you can take to minimize the risk of workplace hernias when working an active job in New York.

Always use proper lifting techniques

To significantly reduce the chances of developing workplace hernias and needing to file for workers’ compensation benefits, you must always use proper lifting techniques when you need to lift something or someone that is heavy. Such techniques evenly distribute the weight and take the stress off your abdomen or groin muscles. Plant your feet a shoulder width apart and squat down before you lift. As you lift, straighten your legs. Make sure to keep your back straight the entire time you are lifting and allow your legs to take most of the stress.

Make use of lifting equipment

If you have lifting equipment at your disposal, make sure to use it. This way, you do not lift more than you can handle. For example, if you are a CNA and are working with heavy patients, use a Hoyer lift to move and position them instead of trying to lift them yourself.

Use a stabilizing belt

Stabilizing belts minimize the strain on your body when engaging in lifting or physically demanding tasks. Your lower back will have added support, which greatly reduces your chances of developing a hernia.

Sometimes, you can still develop hernias despite your best efforts to prevent them. As soon as you know you have a hernia, get treatment straight away because delaying can cause more damage and worsen your suffering.