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SUVs and fatal pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

If you notice it seems like pickup trucks and SUVs are getting larger, you’re not wrong. While having a more spacious vehicle can be enticing, it could also contribute to the rising rate of fatal pedestrian accidents in New York and throughout the country.

The dangers of large SUVs

Modern SUVs are now about 1,000 pounds heavier than ones manufactured and on the road during the 1990s. These newer SUVs are also about eight inches taller than those produced 30 years ago. According to recent research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, automobiles with high front ends, large profiles and hood heights over 40 inches were 45% more likely to cause accidents leading to pedestrian fatalities than smaller vehicles.

An unfortunate consequence of bigger and taller automobiles can lead to pedestrian fatalities due to where these vehicles strike the human body. When a modern SUV collides with a person, this impact applies a downward force on a struck pedestrian, which often leads to head-related injuries. Due to the sensitivity of this part of the human body, these injuries are often the basis for wrongful death claims.

Wider roads and modern SUVs make a deadly combination

Wide roads may seem safer than narrow ones. However, numerous studies have also found that narrow roads are safer for drivers and pedestrians. The main reason why narrow roads are safer is that drivers must pay closer attention to these roads instead of wider ones. These roads combined with taller and bigger SUVs impeding what’s near the ground can lead to more pedestrian deaths.

Some are calling for automakers to take note of an alarming rise in automobile accidents resulting in pedestrian fatalities. However, there’s no evidence yet of automobile manufacturers reducing the size of their SUVs.