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One of the most common accidents for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | May 2, 2024 | Car Accidents

Car versus motorcycle accidents are always highly dangerous for the motorcyclist. They just do not have very much protection, even when wearing leathers and a motorcycle helmet. This is why the odds of passing away in an accident are vastly higher for motorcyclists than they are for drivers.

One of the most dangerous accidents is the left turn accident. It’s very hard to avoid, meaning that it can lead to severe injuries in a split second. It’s also very common, so it’s a risk that motorcyclists need to think about every time that they ride. They should always watch carefully when vehicles are waiting to turn left ahead of them.

Why are left turns a problem?

A left turn is an issue because the driver has to cross the oncoming traffic lane. If they’re on a two-lane road and they’re turning left into a driveway, for example, they have to wait until they have a large enough gap to make that turn successfully.

What often happens is that drivers don’t see the motorcycles or they think the motorcycles are farther away than they actually are. As a result, they turn when there isn’t enough space.

But the motorcyclist can’t do much to avoid this crash. They have the right of way, but the turning vehicle entirely blocks their path. If they swerve to the right, they’re just moving in the same direction as that vehicle. If they swerve to the left, then they are driving directly into oncoming traffic. 

Have you suffered injuries?

Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver? If you’ve suffered severe injuries, like spinal cord injuries or head injuries, be sure you know how to seek proper compensation.